Welcome. I'm Jason Kirby, a Toronto-based reporter with the Globe and Mail. This is a collection of some of my freelance stories from 2018 to 2021.

About me

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Jason Kirby. As of June 2020 I'm a reporter at the Globe and Mail's Report on Business.  Before that I was a freelance journalist and editor who wrote mostly about business and politics, as well as a wide range of topics, from technology and history to science and education.

I got my start in business journalism in 2000, just as the dot-com bubble was bursting, and over the years I've worked in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. Along the way I've worn many different hats, from general assignment reporter, feature writer and business columnist to editor, digital producer and chart nerd.

As a freelancer I wrote for a wide array of publications, including the Financial Times, the Globe and Mail along with its Report on Business magazine and Maclean's. You'll also find my work in industry magazines and investing websites.

To reach me to talk about story ideas, send me an email. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

On this website you can see many of my freelance stories and, learn about my other writing work and follow along with my blog.


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“Jason Kirby one of most creative journalists in the country, combining a deep curiosity and intelligence with a sense of fun and can-do spirit.”

— Alison Uncles, editor, Maclean’s

“Jason Kirby is a triple threat: a lovely writer, a conscientious reporter, and a pleasure to work with.”

— Dawn Calleja, deputy editor, Report on Business